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Spring 2014 Broadcast Schedule

Disney Park fan Talk Shows:

Wonders of The World: Tuesdays at 11am
Enchanted Tiki Talk: Thursdays at 11am

HoJo Anaheim Power Hour:
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm Eastern, the official resort of V24 Radio - HoJo Anaheim - present to you the Power Hour! Hosted by Team V24, the show will feature news highlights, Disney Park refurbishment schedules and play some remixed, upbeat Disney tunes! Follow the show on Twitter: @V24PowerHour!

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Top Ten At Ten:
Sunday nights at 10pm, enjoy the top 10 tunes of the week! Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney Anaheim bring you the top Disney Park songs as voted by you. Let us know what you want to hear!

The In-Park Dance Party with DJ Elliot
Monday to Saturday at 9pm Eastern, DJ Elliot spins the tunes you hear at runDisney events, special events at WDW and more. Now, hear him on V24 Radio! Its the In-Park Dance Party with DJ Elliot exclusively for on V24!

Your 5 at Five
ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney Anaheim brings you the top 5 most-requested songs of the day, Monday to Friday! Make sure you Tweet us @V24Radio to let us know what YOU wanna hear!

480 Overnights:
Fairy Godmother Travel brings you eight hours of uninterrupted Disney Park music all night from Midnight until 8am...thats 480 minutes of Disney Park tunes!

All other times of the day:

We're playing Disney Park music...and nothing but Disney Park music!

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The following is a track list, updated March, 2014, for V24 Radio.

Anandapur - Expedition Everest
Aziz Aziz - Flame Tree BBQ
Alien Encounter - Ridethrough
Be Our Guest - New Fantasyland
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
Blow the Man Down
Boogie Woogie Bakery Boy
California Screamin' - Ride Music
CGC - When You Wish
CGC - Alice in Wonderland
CGC - Chim Chim
Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand
Celebrate You
Character Grove - Feed the Birds
Character Grove - Give a Whistle
Character Grove - Heffalumps
Character Grove - Cant wait to be King
Character Grove - I Wanna Be Like You
Character Grove - Little Black Rain Cloud
Character Grove - Mickey Mouse March
Character Grove - Minnie's Yoohoo
Character Grove - Never Smile
Character Grove - Pink Elephants
Character Grove - See an Elephant Fly
Character Grove - Bare Necessities
Character Grove - Reluctant Dragon
Character Grove - Walrus and Carpenter
Character Grove - Wonderful Thing about Tiggers
Character Grove - Trust in Me
Character Grove - Ugly Bug Ball
Character Grove - Big Bad Wolf
Character Grove - Winnie the Poo
Cloud Below Your Knees
Club 33 - Alice in Wonderland
Club 33 - All in the Golden Afternoon
Club 33 - Beauty and The Beast
Club 33 - Belle Notte
Club 33 - Feed the birds
Club 33 - Grim Grinning Ghosts
Club 33 - It's a Small World
Club 33 - part of Your World
Club 33 - Second Star to the Right
Club 33 - So This Is Love
Club 33 - You Can Fly
Cosmic Ray's - Planetary Boogie
Cosmic Ray's - Sonny Eclipse intro
Countdown to Extinction - Preshow
Dancin - A Catchy Rhythm
Deep Purple - Tower of Terror Queue
Deep Forest - Animal Kingdom
Desert Rose - Morocco Pavilion
Delta Dream Flight - Queue music
Food Rocks - Queue
Fountain View - Exterior Music
Friend Like Me - Aladdin Musical Spectacular
Flame Tree BBQ - Nhamo
Flame Tree BBQ - Footprints
Flame Tree BBQ - Baka
Flame Tree BBQ - I Already Have a Husband
Flame Tree BBQ - Raghupati
Could Love a Million Girls - Main Street USA
Desecration Rag
DisneyMania Show Part 1
Disney Tomorrowland - Part 1
Disney Tomorrowland - Part 2
Disney Tomorrowland - Part 3
Disney Tomorrowland - Part 4
Disney Tomorrowland - Part 5
Drunken Sailor
Epcot Entrance - Space
Epcot Entrance - Reflections Medley
Epcot Entrance - Golden Dream
Epcot Entrance - Imagination Institute
Epcot Entrance - Energy
Epcot Entrance - Feel the Flow
Epcot Entrance - Fun to be Free
Epcot Entrance - Listen to the Land
Epcot Entrance - Magic Journeys
Ellen's Energy Adventure - Suite
Energy, You Make The World Go Round
Festival of the Lion King - Bows
Festival of the Lion King - Welcome
Festival of the Lion King - Just Can't Wait
Festival of the Lion King - Can you feel the love?
Festival of the Lion King - Be Prepped
Fantasmic Area Music - Hot Hot Hot
Fantasmic Area Music - Under the Sea
France - Bistro de Paris music
Frontierland Music 3
Garden Grill - Area Music
Godzilla - Dinoland USA Area Music
Graveyard Crow
Galactic Anthem - Stitchs' Great Escape
Grand Floridian - It Had To Be You
Grand Floridian - What a Wonderful World
Great Movie Ride - Hooray for Hollywood
Haunted Mansion - Doom Buggies Boarding Music
Haunted Mansion - Exit Crypt Music
Hello my Coney Island Baybee - Main Street USA
Horizons Theme
In The Hills of Old Kentucky - Main Street USA
Inside This Heart of Mine - Tower of Terror lobby
Innoventions - We used to Listen to the Land
Innoventions - Arcs
Innoventions - Cascades
Innoventions - Clockworks
Innoventions - Fibre Optics
Innoventions - Fountain of Nations
Innoventions - Global Neighborhood
Innoventions - Golden Dream
Innoventions - Innoventions Theme
Innoventions - Symphony of the Seed
Innoventions - World on the Move
Innoventions - Classic Theme
International Gateway - Area Music 3
International Gateway - Canada Area Music
International Gateway - Germany Area Music
Italy Pavilion - Fantsia Venezia
Journey Into Imagination - One Little Spark Instrumental
Journey Into Imagination - One Little Spark
Jungle Cruise - Queue Audio
Kidani Village - Area Music
Kilimanjaro Safaris - Area Music
Listen to The Land Queue - Turkey in the Straw
Mexico Pavilion - El Burro
Monsters Ince. Scare Floor - Exit Music
MuppetVision Area Music - Muppet Theme
MuppetVision Area Music - Steppin' out with a Star
MuppetVision Area Music - Movin' Right Along
MuppetVision Area Music - Together Again
MuppetVision Area Music - Rainbow Connection
MuppetVision Area Music - It's Not Easy Being Green
Magic Journeys
Magic Kingdom Welcome Show
Magic Kingdom Parade - Remember The Magic Part 1
Magic Kingdom Parade - Remember The Magic Part 2
Mickey Mouse March Instrumental
Mickey's Toontown - Minnie's Yoo Hoo
Mickey's Toontown - The Skeleton Dance
Mickey's Toontown - Big Bad Wolf
Mickey's PhilharMagic
Nhamo - Flame Tree BBQ
Old Key West - Steel Drums - My Prince Will Come
Old Key West - Steel Drums - Heigh Ho!
One Little Spark - Piano version
Pirates of the Caribbean - Overture
Pirates of the Caribbean - Jolly Roger
Pirates of the Caribbean - Harpsichord
Pirates of the Caribbean - No Fear Have Ye of Evil Curses
Pirates of the Caribbean - Ship Captain
Pirates of the Caribbean - Well Captain
Pirates of the Caribbean - Torches and Hats
Pirates of the Caribbean - Prisoners Cell
Pirates of the Caribbean - Exit Ramp
Pizzafari - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Pixar Place - Incredibles Theme
Pixie Hollow - Area Music
Pizzafari - Mr. Ed
Pizzafari - Baby Elephant Walk
Pizzafari - Black Bird
Pizzafari - Feed The Birds
Pizzafari - Octopus Garden
Pizzafari - Old Macdonald
Pizzafari - Puff the Magic Dragon
Pizzafari - Rockin' Robin
Pizzafari - Skylark
Polynesian Resort - Music 1
Polynesian Resort - Music 2
Port Orleans Riverside - Area Music 1
Resort TV - Alice in Wonderland
Resort TV - I'm No Fool
Resort TV - It's A Small World
Resort TV - March of the Cards
Resort TV - Once Upon A Dream
Resort TV - I wanna be like you
Resort TV - Brazzle Dazzle Day
Resort TV - Winnie the Pooh
Resort TV - You can fly
Resort TV - Following the Leader
Resort TV - Belle Notte
Resort TV - Up and Down
Resort TV - Oh What A Happy Day
Resort TV - Spoonful of Sugar
Resort TV - Lets Get Together
River Country - Water Park Theme by Mouseketeers
Rock n Roller Coaster - Instrumental Queue Music
Sailing - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Soarin over California - Exit Music
Soarin over California - Loading Music
Soarin over California - Queue Music
Soarin over California - Attraction audio
Soundsational Parade - Aladdin Unit
Space Mountain - Queue Music Loop
Space Mountain - Star Tunnel
Space Mountain - Outdoor Music
Space Mountain - Speed Ramp
Splash Mountain - Exit Ramp Music
Splash Mountain - Laughin Place 1
Splash Mountain - Who Wants to Live Like That
Splash Mountain - Sooner Or Later
Splash Mountain - Uncle Remus Said
Splash Mountain - Carriage Ride
Splash Mountain - Let the Rain Pour Down
Splash Mountain - Zipadeedoodah version 1
Splash Mountain - Laughing Place 2
Splash Mountain - Song of the South
Splash Mountain - How Do You Do
Splash Mountain - All I Want
Splash Mountain - Zipadeedoodah version 2
Splash Mountain - Salty Dog
Standing in Motion - Fountain of Nations
Star Tours - Ad Music
Star Tours - Original Ridethrough
Star Tours - Warning
Test Track - Original ridethrough
Test Track - 2.0 Theme
Tiki Room - Barker Bird
Tiki Room - Rag Time Version
Tiki Room remix - Macarena
Tapestry of Nations
Tarzan - You'll be in my Heart instrumental
Tarzan - Treehouse Medley
Tea Cups - March of the Cards
The Disney Gallery - Alice in Wonderland
The Disney Gallery - Love is a song
The Disney Gallery - Once upon a dream
The Disney Gallery - Part of Your World
The Disney Gallery - Second Star to the Right
The Disney Gallery - So this is Love
The Disney Gallery - Spoonful of Sugar
The Disney Gallery - Zipadeedoodah
The Living Seas - Journey to Seabase Alpha
The Living Seas - Undersea Life
The Living Seas - Hornpipe
The Living Seas - Undersea Gardens
The Magic, The Memories and You Finale
The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Ridethrough
The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Queue Music Area 1
The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Queue Music Area 2
Toy Story Parade - Part 1
Tree of Life - Break of Day
Tree of Life - Tree of Life 1
Tree of Life - Diggin' in Dinoland
Tree of Life - Harvest
Tree of Life - Hidden Grotto
Tree of Life - Pools
Tree of Life - Summer
Tree of Life - Clouds Gather
Tropical Serenade - Heigh Ho!
Tropical Serenade - Lets all Sing
Typhoon Lagoon - Surf's Up!

Typhoon Lagoon - In The Tropics
Voices of Liberty - Live recording
Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Intro
Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Under The Sea
Walt's Restaurant - A Dream is a Wish
Walt's Restaurant - Belle Notte
Walt's Restaurant - Bibbidi Bobbidi
Walt's Restaurant - Casey at The Bat
Walt's Restaurant - Davy Crocket
Walt's Restaurant - Funny little Bunnies
Walt's Restaurant - Its A Small World
Walt's Restaurant - Oh Danny Boy Medley
Walt's Restaurant - Mickey Mouse March
Walt's Restaurant - Minnie's Yoo Hoo
Walt's Restaurant - Once Upon a Dream
Walt's Restaurant - Steamboat Willie
Walt's Restaurant - Thru The Mirror
Walt's Restaurant - Under the Sea
Walt's Restaurant - Big Bad Wolf
Walt's Restaurant - Winnie the Pooh
Walt's Restaurant - You Can Fly
WDW TV - Tip for Today 1
WDW TV - Tip for Today 2
WDW TV - Tip for Today 3
Wonders of Life - Hide and Seek
Wonders of Life - Oh of Pleasure
Wonders of Life - Summer Shuffle
Wonders of Life - Preshow, Cranium Command
Wedway People Mover - 1991 ride-through


Legacy - Epcot
International Gateway
Wilderness Lodge - Magnificent Seven
Surprise in the Skies
Epcot Entrance - We've Just Begun To Dream
Underliner - Disney Dreams Come True Parade
Typhoon Lagoon - Shark Attack
Pixar Place - You've Got A Friend In Me
Epcot - Canada You're a Life Time Journey
Japan pavilion - Flute Loop
Spaceship Earth - Tomorrow's CHild
Communicore - Computer Song
Aladdin - Disney Dreams Come True Parade
Fantasmic! - Dancing Animals
Country Bears - Playhouse Medley
Epcot - The Road To Tomorrow
Italy Pavilion - O Sole Mio
Captain EO - We Are Here To Change The World
Magic Journeys - Makin Memories
Mickey's Toontown - Intro
Fantasmic! - Dancin Bubbles
Disneyland Entrance - Under The Sea Prominade
Mexico Pavilion - Three Cabilleros
Captain EO - Just Another Part Of Me
Mission Space - Destiny
Tom Sawyer Island - Area Music
Dinoland USA - Its The End Of The World As We Know It
Epcot - True Colors
Epcot - New Horizons
Old Epcot - British Invasion
Honey I Shrunk The Audience - Themes
Epcot - Fun To Be Free
Epcot - We Go On
America Pavilion - Golden Dream
Epcot - Promise
Haunted Mansion - Grim Grinning Ghosts
Main Street USA - Dapper Dans
Tomorrowland Bridge - Celestial Soda Pop Remix
Tower of Terror - Ridethrough
Light Magic
Germany Pavilion - Oktoberfest
Fantasmic! - Opening
Disneyland - Tram to Parking Lot
Fantasmic! - Finale
American Frigate
Aviation Rag - Main Street USA
Ti Yi Yo - Big Thunder BGM
Beautiful Beulah - Main Street USA
Behind The Waterfall - Old Tomorrowland Area Music
A Cowboy Needs a Horse - Big Thunder
Apple Dumpling gang - Big Thunder
Big Rock Candy Mountain - Big Thunder
Buffalo Gals - Big Thunder
Dry Gulch Cowboy - Big Thunder
Old Betsy - Big Thunder
Roamin' the Lawless West - Big Thunder
Saloon Willy - Big Thunder
Wabash Cannonball - Big Thunder